Painting and Staining

Our cabins, sheds, gazebos and other top structures are supplied untreated unless you direct us otherwise whereas all foundation and terrace boards come pretreated. It is therefore advised that paint, stain or oil be applied to all natural hardwood structures soon after they are assembled. We recommend using natural wood preservative, treatment and protection products to maintain the eco-friendly essence of our whole wood products. This treatment of paint, stain or oil will serve to protect your new building against various weather conditions as well as add to the aesthetic design of the structure. Should you opt to have Whole Wood Cabins treat your building, we can offer a myriad of superb options for top of the line quality paint and sealants that are also eco-friendly. Please feel free to contact one of our Whole Wood Cabin representatives by phone at 800-660-4430 or by email at to discuss how hardwood treatment prior to delivery can be a cost effective and time saving possibility.