Tiny Houses

Tiny Houses

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Assembly is available, call 800-660-4430 or email for a quote info@wholewoodcabins.com

Our Tiny Houses fit together like Lincoln Logs which make them easy to assemble in a relatively short time. Also included with each Tiny House purchase is an easy to read installation manual as well as a toll-free number for complimentary assistance should you need support. 

Our products come as a DIY package on a pallet(s), covered in shrink-wrap. The package includes all of the boards (roof, ceiling, wall and floor). All windows and doors, locks, nuts and bolts as well as screws are included along with easy-to-follow manuals and assembly specifications.

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Anna 288 Sq. Ft
SKU: 106568 ,   Qty: In backorder
Aspen 231 Sq.Ft
SKU: ELU18-4555 ,   Qty: In backorder
Caroline 233 Sq.Ft Loft Model
SKU: 287700
Emily 422 Sq.Ft
SKU: 106569 ,   Qty: In backorder
Emily 432+56 Sq.Ft Loft Model
SKU: 106566 ,   Qty: In backorder
Maipo 418 Sq.Ft Loft Model
SKU: 702841 ,   Qty: In backorder
Polynesia 381 Sq.Ft Loft Model
SKU: 701944 ,   Qty: In backorder
Sandra 275 + 119 Sq.Ft
SKU: 106210 ,   Qty: In backorder
Sandra 322 Sq. Ft Loft Model
SKU: 106214 ,   Qty: In backorder
Scandinavian 20 Ft (20X8 ft)
SKU: WWAHX4 ,   Qty: In backorder
Tahiti 181 Sq.Ft Loft Model
SKU: 701302 ,   Qty: In backorder
Zanzibar 190 Sq.ft Loft Model
SKU: 700702; 700702-1 ,   Qty: In backorder