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Our playhouses consist of seven prefabricated, handcrafted panels that are easy to assemble quickly. Each playhouse is also weather resistant and can be used throughout each season. Should you need to store your playhouse for any reason, the process to disassemble the playhouse is also simple. An easy to follow installation manual and a toll-free number for assistance are provided as added conveniences.

These playhouses should only take a couple of hours for a beginner to assemble. 

Framed pictures, toys and accessories are displayed only to provide decorating ideas as these items are not available for sale.


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Alex 54 Sq.Ft
SKU: PKOMMAKS8X8 ,   Qty: In Stock
Arctic Nario (6x8 ft)
SKU: WWWN6X8 ,   Qty: In Stock
Classy Vicky (6x4 ft)
SKU: MMCV6X4 ,   Qty: In backorder
Classy Vicky (6x8 ft) -10%
SKU: MMCV6X8 ,   Qty: In Stock
$3,700.00 $3,330.00
Hagan (10X6 ft)
SKU: ELC16-1827 ,   Qty: In Stock
Helen 6X7 ft (with loft)
SKU: LTAMM7X6 ,   Qty: In backorder
Jesse 78 Sq.Ft
SKU: PKOMMOT8X8 ,   Qty: In backorder
Little Nola (6x4 ft) -10%
SKU: MMLN6X4 ,   Qty: In backorder
$2,875.00 $2,587.50
Lucky Lucy (6x8 ft)
SKU: WWLL6x8 ,   Qty: In backorder
Marine Max (6x4 ft)
SKU: MMMM6X4 ,   Qty: In Stock
Marine Max (6x8 ft)
SKU: WWMM6X8 ,   Qty: In Stock
Marine Max XL (6X8 ft) -10%
SKU: WWMM6X8XL ,   Qty: In Stock
$2,300.00 $2,070.00
Natural Wonder (8X6 ft)
SKU: MMNN6X8 ,   Qty: In Stock
Nordic Nario (6x8 ft)
SKU: WWNN6X8 ,   Qty: In backorder
Peg (6x4 ft)
SKU: LTAMM4X6 ,   Qty: In backorder
Sally 54 Sq.Ft
SKU: PKOMMSTINA ,   Qty: In Stock
Sassy Sally (6x8 ft) -10%
SKU: WWSS6X8 ,   Qty: In Stock
$3,300.00 $2,970.00
Toby 53 Sq.Ft
SKU: LTAMM6X6 ,   Qty: In Stock
Tony 56 Sq.Ft (with loft)
SKU: PKOMMELINA ,   Qty: In Stock
Witty Lily (6x8 ft) -10%
SKU: WWWL6x8 ,   Qty: In backorder
$3,300.00 $2,970.00