Our wooden playhouses are fine examples of Exquisite Craftsmanship visible in all features, including windows, doors, screened windows, and various design elements. These finely appointed playhouses will undoubtedly become the focal point of any backyard play area.

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Witty Lily (6x8 ft)


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Furniture included in the price: Furniture set Naatural

Hand-crafted wooden playhouse measuring 48 sq ft (6x8x7 ft LxWxH). Exquisite craftsmanship is visible in all features, including 3 windows, 2 doors, screen windows, curtains and various design elements. 

Furniture set Natural, two chairs and a table, is handcrafted from natural wood and come with a table, bench seat and two chairs.

*Optional assembly is available for areas outside select locations for additional fees. Call 800-660-4430 or email for a quote info@wholewoodcabins.com 

Witty Lily is a delightful playhouse that was inspired by the idea of a peaceful meadow underneath a clear blue sky where children can use their creativity, independence and ambition to engage in free-play within this hardwood cabin that is easy to assemble. Captivating in its appeal, Witty Lily uses the flower by the same name as a design element to symbolize innocence, purity and beauty. The purple hues are associated with royalty and represent desirable characteristics like power, nobility, luxury, wisdom, dignity and mystery. Your children will find pleasure in the surrounds of this eco-friendly, uniquely designed playhouse where they can make magical memories alone or with friends and family throughout their youth. 

Number of Rooms 1
Outside dimensions 7'9" x 6'1"
Doors 2
Windows 3
Height overall 6'11"
Foundation materials No, optional
Availability:In backorder
Delivery time: 6 Weeks
Qty.: - +
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