Two Harbors BBQ HUT 94 Sq.Ft


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Keep calm and grill on with Two Harbors. This BBQ hut has a great design and will enhance any backyard. This do-it-yourself Two Harbors BBQ hut kit comes with easy to follow instructions and a video demonstration. Invite your family and friends over more often to sit long and talk much as you grill and converse together, dine and celebrate life together and have something to look forward to after a day at the office or on the heels of a long week. Two Harbors is an easy to assemble BBQ hut as long as you have a couple of friends to assist. The Two Harbors BBQ hut is certain to compliment your yard even as building Two Harbors up will provide you with a hangout destination that is fun for the whole family. 

Assembly is available, call 800-660-4430 or email for a quote .

Number of Rooms 1
Floor area 94 Sq.Ft
Wall thickness 1-3/4″
Inside dimensions ⌀ 10′5″ x 12'1"
Outside dimensions ⌀ 12′2″ x 14'1"
Windows 1′8-7/8″ x 1′1-3/4″
Height of the wall 4′6″
Height overall 10′4″
Roof area 194 Sq.Ft
Weight 2 646 lbs
Roof materials No (optional)
Foundation materials No
SKU: PAV44-3833
Brand: Whole Wood PKO
Unit: tk
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Delivery time: 6 Weeks
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