Tallahassee 502 Sq.Ft


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Classic, simple and practical, Tallahassee is a DIY cabin kit that is well suited as a tiny house. College children can retreat to their own private space when home for a visit. Friends and extended family can enjoy their personal quarters when visiting for an overnight trip. Tallahassee provides the necessary layout for a cozy bedroom, comfortable living room, small kitchen area and bathroom as well as a bonus room that can act as an office. This pleasantly crafted tiny house is a charming addition to any backyard setting with its classic design plan.

Upgrades for wind speeds up to 140 mph.

Please refer to our assembly video for a practical demonstration.


Number of Rooms 5
Floor area 502 Sq.Ft
Wall thickness 2-3/4″
Inside dimensions 23′6″ x 25′2″
Outside dimensions 25′7″ x 23′11″
Doors 3x 2′8-1/2″ x 6′4-1/8″
Windows 2x 1′9-3/4″ x 5′8-1/8″; 3x 2′1-5/8″ x 2′1-5/8″; 1x 2′3-5/8″ x 3′10-7/8″; 2x 4′6-1/8″ x 3′1/8″; 1x 3′7-1/4″ x 5′8-1/8″
Height of the wall 8′3″
Height overall 12′11″
Front overhang 4′7″
Terrace size 83 Sq.Ft
Roof & ceiling board 3/4"
Floor Boards 1 1/8"
Roof area 801 Sq.Ft
Weight 9 231 lbs
Roof materials No (optional)
Foundation materials No
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