Sunshine custom model

Free delivery and assembly*

Furniture included in the price: Furniture set Sassy Sally

Hand-crafted wooden playhouse measuring 48 sq ft (6x8x7 ft LxWxH).

Customize your own Playhouse, and you can bring a ray of sunshine into your yard no matter the climate. Fully equipped with a loft, fenced in front porch and our beautifully designed furniture, you can even select safety glass windows that open. Let us know what you desire, and our playhouse team will turn your dreams into a bright reality. Enhance your property with this standup, easy to assemble, hardwood playhouse that will bring much joy and encourage loads of creative play. 


Number of Rooms 1
Outside dimensions 7'9" x 6'1"
Doors 1
Windows 4
Foundation materials No, optional
Availability: In backorder
Delivery time: One week
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