Scandinavian 20 Ft (20X8 ft)


Scandinavian 20 Partial Build Kit ($19,500.00)


- Insulated floor, wall and roof;
- Premium Quality Double Glass Windows and Doors;
- Premium Quality Locks and Hinges;
- Nordic Spruce tongue and groove wall boards;
- Roof;
- Floor;
* Nordic Spruce, durable slow grown wood. Long cold winters and short summers, characteristic to Nordic region, bring about a slow growth rate of timber, providing it with longevity and durability.
* Roofing materials (shingles) and interior stain is not included.

Scandinavian 20 Complete Kit ($40,000.00)

Includes Partial Build Kit plus:

- Custom Fabricated Tiny House Trailer;
- Electricity and Plumbing;
- Roof & Roofing materials;
- Built in Beds;
- Built in Kitchentte;
- Stained interior.

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Number of Rooms 1
Floor area 176 Sq.Ft
Wall thickness 2-3/4″
Inside dimensions 21 x 7 ft
Outside dimensions 22 x 8 ft
Doors 1
Windows 6
Height of the wall 7 ft
Height overall 10 ft
Weight 5000 lbs
Brand: Whole Wood Arctic
Availability:In backorder
Delivery time: 6 Weeks
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