Sandra 322 Sq. Ft Loft Model


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Quaint and simple, Sandra is a DIY cabin kit with a 88 Sq.Ft loft. Use your imagination to design the interior space that is set up as a tiny house with an area for a dining, living, sleeping and bathing. Sandra is a great place to accommodate guests who are visiting for an extended stay. This tiny house is also a perfect destination for a college student between semesters, for an Airbnb traveler, or for a parent who values his or her independence yet relishes the close proximity to family. Any backyard will look more stylish with Sandra as an added element.

Please refer to our assembly video for a practical demonstration.

Number of Rooms 3
Floor area 322 Sq.Ft
Wall thickness 1-3/4″
Inside dimensions 4′11″x6′11″ ; 7′5″x6′11″ ; 11′10″x12′6″
Outside dimensions 22′6″x13′5″
Doors 2x 2′8-7/8″x6′4-1/4″ ; 1x 5′3-3/8″x6′4-1/4″
Windows 1x 1′9-1/4″x1′9-1/4″ ; 2x 2′10-3/4″x3′3″ ; 1x 4′2-3/4″x3′3″
Height of the wall 7′10″
Height overall 11′9″
Roof area 349 Sq.Ft
Weight 6 468 lbs
Roof materials No (optional)
Foundation materials No
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Brand: Whole Wood PKO
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