Sandra 322 Sq. Ft Loft Model


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Quaint and simple, Sandra is a DIY cabin kit with a 88 Sq.Ft loft. Use your imagination to design the interior space that is set up as a tiny house with an area for a dining, living, sleeping and bathing. Sandra is a great place to accommodate guests who are visiting for an extended stay. This tiny house is also a perfect destination for a college student between semesters, for an Airbnb traveler, or for a parent who values his or her independence yet relishes the close proximity to family. Any backyard will look more stylish with Sandra as an added element.

Number of Rooms 3
Floor area 322 Sq.Ft
Wall thickness 1-3/4″
Inside dimensions 4′11″x6′11″ ; 7′5″x6′11″ ; 11′10″x12′6″
Outside dimensions 22′6″x13′5″
Doors 2x 2′8-7/8″x6′4-1/4″ ; 1x 5′3-3/8″x6′4-1/4″
Windows 1x 1′9-1/4″x1′9-1/4″ ; 2x 2′10-3/4″x3′3″ ; 1x 4′2-3/4″x3′3″
Height of the wall 7′10″
Height overall 11′9″
Roof area 349 Sq.Ft
Weight 6 468 lbs
Roof materials No (optional)
Foundation materials No
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Brand: Whole Wood PKO
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