Polynesia 381 Sq.Ft Loft Model


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Polynesia is a classic tiny house structure with a modern design plan. Enjoy three interior rooms, separated by doors as well as a loft area and spacious terrace covered in part by a canopy. This beautifully designed DIY cabin kit functions ideally as a tiny house, offering privacy, simplicity and functionality. Use the loft as a sleeping alcove or storage niche. Decorate the main level according to your personal taste. Polynesia will add value to any property with its quality craftsmanship and appealing features. 

Please refer to our assembly video for a practical demonstration.

Number of Rooms 4
Floor area 381 Sq.Ft
Wall thickness 2-3/4″
Inside dimensions 25′9″x14′9″
Outside dimensions 24′9″x27′7″
Doors 3x 2′7″x6′3-3/8″x5′6-1/2″ ; 3x 2′10-1/2″x2′10-1/2″ ; 1x 2′x2′
Windows 3x 3′5-3/4″x
Height of the wall 8′3″
Height overall 13′1″
Front overhang 10″
Terrace size 121 Sq.Ft
Roof area 599 Sq.Ft
Roof materials No (optional)
Foundation materials No
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Brand: Whole Wood LTA
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