Hut 270 Sq.Ft


Into 10-corners building ́s set are included:

- walls, covered roof, floor elements. 5 opening, double-glazed windows. 9 benches. Door with glass, handle from root wood and sylinder lock. Screws, equipments box and instruction for montage.

- 8-corner grill with 3 cooking platforms, fishtables and tables around the grill, smoke- collector system.

**Optional assembly is available for areas outside select locations for additional fees. Call 800-660-4430 or email for a quote .

*Paint and colors for illustration only


Number of Rooms 1
Floor area 270 Sq.Ft
Wall thickness 1-3/4″ up to 6″
Doors 1
Windows 5
Height of the wall 4 ft
Height overall 16 ft
Roof materials No
Foundation materials No
Brand: Whole Wood Arctic
Availability:In backorder
Delivery time: 6 Weeks
Qty.: - +
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