Canada 515 Sq.Ft Loft Model


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Canada features a spacious floorplan with assorted windows to brighten up the interior space. A loft area is perfect for either sleeping or storing keepsakes. This tiny house is a well-constructed, beautifully designed DIY cabin. Structurally sound and handcrafted by expert artisans, Canada can function nicely as summer quarters for college students, as a guest house for visiting friends and family or even as a primary residence for those who enjoy simplistic living. 

Please refer to our assembly video for a practical demonstration.

Number of Rooms 4
Floor area 515
Wall thickness 2-3/4''
Inside dimensions 17'-3''x20'6''
Outside dimensions 29'4''x22'9''
Doors 2x 2'8-1/2''x6'6-3/4''
Windows 3x 3'1/8''x3'5-3/8'' 1x 2'1-5/8''x2'1-5/8''
Height of the wall 8'3''
Height overall 14'9''
Front overhang 6'7''
Terrace size 87 Sq.Ft
Roof & ceiling board 3/4''
Floor Boards 1''
Roof area 753 Sq.Ft
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