13X13 Gazebo Keystone


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When you are seeking a shaded retreat in the privacy of your own backyard, the Keystone Gazebo Kit is a perfect structure to attain this reprieve. Use the space for a gathering of friends and family as you get together and enjoy sharing and conversing with one another. Made from environmentally friendly hard wood, the Keystone Gazebo Kit is attractive and easy to install. One side is open, and three sides are fenced in with a crisscross pattern that is sure to compliment any garden area or pool deck. 


Number of Rooms 1
Floor area 107 Sq.Ft
Inside dimensions ⌀ 11′1″ x 12'9"
Outside dimensions ⌀ 13′11″ x 16"
Height of the wall 6′8″
Height overall 10′3″
Roof area 180 Sq.Ft
Weight 1 543 lbs
Roof materials No (optional)
Foundation materials No
SKU: PAV-3333
Brand: Whole Wood PKO
Availability:In backorder
Delivery time: 6 Weeks
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